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Genova Gourmet is the geographic collective mark (GCM) for Genoese restaurants conceived, registered and guaranteed by the Genoa Chamber of Commerce to increase the value and protect the excellence and traditional characteristics of the local cuisine, certifying "The real Genoa on your plate...".
The Chamber of Commerce, together with the industry associations (Ascom Confcommercio - Fepag and Confesercenti - Fiepet), issues the Genova Gourmet mark to those restaurants that pledge to apply the rules which guarantee the origin and quality of the dishes served to customers that are prepared according to traditional Genoese recipes using certified local products.
On their daily menus, Genova Gourmet certified restaurants must offer at least::
- four dishes (including at least one first course and one second course) from among those on the special list developed in collaboration with the Italian Academy of Cuisine and Slow Food,
- four Ligurian CDO wines (or three CDO and one TGI wine) at least two of which from the province of Genoa, from among those on the list of typical wines.
The Genova Gourmet restaurants also pledge to use "Riviera Ligure" extra-virgin olive oil PDO and other products protected with a community quality mark PDO, PGI, TSG or protected through Geographic Collective Marks (GCM), each time that they are expressly mentioned as ingredients on the list of Genova Gourmet dishes.
Restaurants interested in obtaining the Genova Gourmet certification must complete the "Application for the licence to use the Genova Gourmet geographic collective mark" form and submit it the Chamber of Commerce.
An expert from the Chamber of Commerce inspects all Genova Gourmet restaurants to ensure that they use certified products, and wine and oil in particular, and that they respect the traditional Genoese recipes. The mark is issued following the inspection and the restaurant is included on the list of Genova Gourmet mark licensees.
Presently, there are 41 participating restaurants and each one offers its own personalised menu dedicated to Genova Gourmet dishes.

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