The "craft" is borne of a passion which slowly permeates into the mind and though you it is nurtured all along it remains but a dream for most.
Felice Morandi is one of the fortunate ones. Ever since October of 1983 when he took over the Antica Osteria in via Luigi Risso, he has been translating his passion into a career. Over the years Felice has been keeping a watchful eye on his son Marco and now that he is certain that the reins of the kitchen are in good hands, Felice has finally decided to take his well-earned rest... or almost.
Today the restaurant is located on new premises in 136, Corso Valparaiso. Here Marco puts himself to the test serving up dishes with a combination of skill and grace, without straying far from the classic flavors of the sea and of the land. The key factors are ever: fresh and local.

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